Jitesoft is a private company (Aktiebolag) based in Sweden. Our main focus is backend development, containerization and operations within web, application and game development.

As our webpage design might show, we do not work with design, but we do have designers that we work with!
We will gladly create offers and products in collaboration with designers, your own or one of our partners.

If you wish to take a look at what we do, take a look at our open source projects.
A lot of projects that are developed for external customers are under NDA, so if you wish to see references, feel free to contact us for more details.

Open Source

Jitesoft as a company is both a consumer and creator/maintainer of open source projects.
Our whole infrastructure runs on it and most projects made at jitesoft - which are not customer owned - are released under the MIT or WTFPL license. Code is published to GitHub and GitLab and our containers and packages are deployed to a multitude of package registries.

To find our code, go to:

We mainly use the following package registries:

Sponsors and providers

Open Source might be free to use, but it takes time and money to create.

The following lovely companies and/or organizations provides us with infrastructure (such as servers) to work with open source:

We love our providers and are very grateful for their support.

Our open source work is dependent on donations and server help, if you wish to give us a hand feel free to donate to us at: or just send an email!


[email protected]

+46 72 889 49 19

Jitesoft AB
c/o Johannes Tegnér
Juryvägen 10
226 57
Lund - Sweden